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The Meaning of Your Past

Meaning is the ‘one thing’ a person intends to communicate. If I warn you that there is danger ahead, then that’s the meaning I intend. You either accept the warning or ignore it. But past is not a person. It … Continue reading

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DBSA Support Group

I’ve been contacted by several people from the Chattahoochee Valley area lately indicating a desire to participate in a support group focused on bipolar disorder and unipolar depression. We’ve put together a few groups in the past year but they … Continue reading

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Supported Employment

Check out this article. It is the first in a series being done by USA Today. This article highlights the need for more funding in order to make supported employment effective. Ben Overby  

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Stuck In the Mud

We’ve all been stuck. It’s frustrating to have a clear goal in mind only to be sidelined by procrastination. Maybe we’re stuck between competing goals–a desire to run the race neutralized by contentment with the couch. Those of us living … Continue reading

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Hatred and Boiling Vinegar

Websters defines hate as: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury b : extreme dislike or antipathy : loathing One of the more complicated challenges I face personally as well as many of the … Continue reading

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Victim of Stigma

Several years ago, while living in a community in Tennessee and serving as a fulltime minister and chairman of the county mental health board, I encountered several people suffering from mental conditions ranging from schizophrenia, OCD, to generalized anxiety. Jeff … Continue reading

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Press Release 6/17/2014 Columbus, GA–The RESPECT Institute of Georgia announced today that it will be conducting a workshop at the Government Center in downtown Columbus, June 27th, beginning at 11 am and concluding at 4 pm. The workshop will demonstrate … Continue reading

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Self-Forgiveness For those of us living with bi-polar disorder this article from Bi-polar Magazine is sure to strike a chord. During manic states we often do things that are destructive to our relationships. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is … Continue reading

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Edit Your Life

Everyone likes a good story. We’re constantly telling stories, mostly short bits like, what happened on the way to work or the latest news headlines. By story I don’t mean plot. When you read a novel or hear a story, … Continue reading

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Beliefs and Reality

[Pat Peoples] “So you agree with me. You think my wife will come back soon?” “Time will tell,” Dr. Patel says, and I know right then that Cliff [Dr. Patel] and I are going to get along, because he does … Continue reading

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